Safety in Forensics and Penitentiaries - Clino System 99 protect

Specific challenges in locked facilities such as penitentiaries or in forensics require sophisticated, application-specific solutions. Restricted freedom of movement and coexistance of people with different education levels, cultures and personalities in small spaces can easily lead to tensions. The staff in such facilities is faced not only with the task to maintain security and order, but also to guarantee appropriate care.

Tamper-proof and protected from vandalism by design, the System 99 protect is based on the reliable clino System 99 architecture. This communication solution has been adapted for use in facilities with a security risk. Additional functionalities have been implemented to meet the requirements for care and safety in locked sites, such as for example an emergency call when presence is exceeded, the possibility to switch between two-way intercom system (talk-back circuit) and one-way intercom communication, automatic call-back (documented call-back suppression) as well as documented disabling of call interception (audio monitoring, which is subject to authorization).

System Solutions