Certified repair center for Ackermann Clino Phon 99

We are pleased to announce that our service partner Multi-Service-Gummersbach GmbH ("MSG") has accepted to support the repairs of equipment for the product line Ackermann Clino Phon 99 from Honeywell as of May 2022. As a certified repair center, MSG will be available throughout the EU for the repair of your Clino Phon 99 call systems.

To repair equipment that is outside of the warranty/serviceability guarantee, we ask our customers to send defective/repairable equipment directly to the following address of our service partner:

Repair department
Gummersbacher Str. 44-48
51645 Gummersbach

An overview of repairable devices:
Patient Handset: 74133A1
Bed Module: 74188A1
Room Terminal: 76921B1
Information-Displays: 74656A1, 74656B1, 74657A1
Electronic Modules: 72575N1, 72575N2, 72575P1, 72575P2, 72570P1, 72571P1, 72572D2, 72573N1, 72574M1, 72585C
Interface Unit: 72641A2
Systevo Control: 72700A1, 72700B1, 72700C1, 72700D1, 72700E1
Systevo Com: 74137A1
WM LAN: 74190A1

For the repair of devices that are within the warranty/service life guarantee, please request an RMA number via our website beforehand. By indicating the RMA number provided by our team, we will inform you whether the defective reported devices are to be returned to our service partner.

Please always include a document with your shipment that contains the return address, the number of devices to be repaired, and confirmation that the devices have been cleaned and the surfaces disinfected. If there is any information about the defect of the equipment (e.g. defective button), please include a description. Of course, you can also send a non-binding price request to our service partner in advance by e-mail (vertrieb(at)msgm.de).