Cooperation between Ackermann & Philips

In 2009 Ackermann started a successful cooperation with Philips to supply LCD-TVs in care institutions. To fulfill new market demands, the complete portfolio has been up-dated: e.g. the model 22HFL3381 is now equipped with a full-HD LCD-panel. LCD-TV-sets are offered in the range of 22 inch to 32 inch with the appropriate accessories.

Partnumber  Type
79691N1      22HFL3331
79691N2      22HFL3381
79691N3      26HFL3331
79691N4      32HFL4351

Technical information about the TV sets is available under

Connection-lead 89735S5/6 for TV-control:
To offer an optimized audio-level in the patient handset, we recommend to use the connection-lead 89735S5/6 instead of the 89735S2/4. If the audio-signal is taken from the headphone socket of the TV-set, the audio-level can be adopted to the user’s demands.

Commissioning of Philips TV sets:
Please use the service remote-control for Philips TV-sets (part n° 79691NF) to allow full access to the service menus and to simplify the programming steps.