ELEVATE Conference 18-21.01.2021

ELEVATE Partner Conference 18-21.01.2021

The world is changing fast and so is your business. What will it take to get back to work, life and travel? You are invited to find out at ELEVATE.

ELEVATE is an event platform created for our partners to engage, enhance competencies and exchange expertise. For the first time, we bring you ELEVATE 2021 as a virtual experience that extends across high growth regions of MERTA (Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Africa), APACI (Asia Pacific and India) and LATAM (Latin America), and will also cover EUROPE with dedicated Healthcare Sessions, thus including the Intelligent Life Care and Global Tracking, Search & Rescue businesses.

At ELEVATE you will experience the future of technology that is diverse, inclusive and accessible through our Safety and Productivity Solutions portfolio. Get ready for conversations with thought leaders and executives as they share their visions for the future of healthcare, transportation & logistics, retail, oil & gas to mining and manufacturing. Find out what it takes to make big ideas a reality.

Explore trends and challenges, the immediate needs of today along with the future-shaping opportunities of tomorrow.

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