Flexible power at the heart of the system

The new group control center is called Systevo Control. It unites the latest communication technology with such open standards as SIP and IP, and through its scope of performance enables a multitude of new functions. With Systevo Control, telephony, infotainment, documentation and home automation systems can be brought to every point of care and networked. Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and other danger alarm systems can also be attached and meaningfully combined with the nurse call.

The performance of the patient communication goes far beyond earlier possibilities. Systevo Control enables

  • Nurse call with discrete voice communication at the point of care 
  • Individual transmission of call to designated persons 
  • Vital signs monitoring with automatic alarm 
  • Documentation directly in the patient's room
  • Prioritized escalation, independent of time and duty/shift

Through modules, other system generations and peripheral systems can be networked smoothly with Systevo Control. For example, the FBC 95 module enables the attachment of an existing nurse call system of the Clino System 95. In this way, the Systevo Control is not only the heartbeat of patient communication, but also the ideal solution for the modernization of buildings.