Improved operation of bed sensor

The bed sensor CL (Part No. 73312A1, plus 73312B1 cable for NOC) has been updated fundamentally: the unit is equipped with a new housing and the working method was improved. All items since June 2010 are shipped with a “facelift” and a new firmware.

- The updated bed sensor can easily be opened without using any additional tool, just by lifting the left or right side of the front cover. Additionally the wall fixation was improved.

- The device sensitivity is automatically configured after power ON or reset. The care giver is able to double check the set value very quick to simplify the daily usage. The identification of the patient is improved and minimizes fault alerts.

- Note: medical devices, mobile phones as well as other electrical devices might interfere with electromagnetic signals the operation of the bed sensor. As even the presence of additional persons has an impact on the unit, the correct operation of the bed sensor must be tested frequently and after the set-up.