Is Your Nurse Call System Safe?

Hacking incidents – including against health care facilities

Criminal attacks are aimed, in particular, at PC components using old or out-of-date operating and security systems.

Experience from real life we've found that, in call systems, such components can operate for many years in the background with no trouble whatsoever. They are used as protocol computers for the configuration of call systems to become interfaces for other systems (DECT, PSA, BMA, system coupling, etc.). These are often ignored when conducting security assessments of IT management.

These old machines can be misused as a potential gateway for computer viruses, trojans, or other malicious software, and can put the entire network at risk.

In own interest, authority’s should undertake an examination of your system landscape for the weaknesses described above.

If you are undertaking checks for complying devices, or want support for assessing  IT components currently in use, please contact your local sales team or send us an email at  IT-Security(at)

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