Systevo Call Ackermann – IP communication platform

Systevo Call Ackermann is much more than just patient communication. The innovative system platform creates an open system structure, which integrates smoothly into current and future technologies. In this way, not only a much more powerful infrastructure can be created in hospitals, but also a new level of comfort, safety and efficiency. New ways are taken and open up completely new possibilities for the highest quality of care.

Patient safety and efficient workflow processes in care facilities are key elements of the new system generation of Systevo Call Ackermann. With the state-of-the-art architecture, the system allows process flows to be set up in a customer- oriented, flexible manner and supports the care staff in daily patient care. The core task of the system is the safety of the patient, who is always at the focus of the considerations. The standardized system transmits personalized alarms, documents the calls verifiably and escalates the alarms on several levels. In this way, the patients, nursing staff and operator have the best protection.

With Systevo Call Ackermann, the functions of a nurse call system are seamlessly networked with additional monitoring systems and mobile communication solutions, so that customized and high-performance solutions are offered for the transmission of time-critical information.

The required functional scope is coordinated with the respective requirements and ensures long-term economical use of the investments made in the infrastructure. In order to close gaps between the technical requirements for the integration of clinical and non-clinical workflows, the system is based on a modular and scalable software model.

Thanks to open standards and numerous interfaces, Systevo Call Ackermann is compatible with other system worlds. Accordingly, the system can be adapted flexibly to changing tasks and structures and integrate other systems, for example:

  • Alerting systems
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Telephony
  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

The effect is that this networking enables greater Efficiency and Comfort for all.

Further more, Systevo Call Ackermann has been developed in such a way that it makes the modernization and migration of the systems in the buildings especially easy.