Systevo Call Easy Handset

The new Systevo Call Easy handset is part of the Systevo Call Ackermann system, an intelligent communication platform designed to improve patient safety and deliver efficient workflow processes for state-of-the-art care facilities.

Designed in collaboration with caregivers, the Systevo Call Easy handset was created with patients of all ages in mind and delivers improved comfort, ergonomics, hygiene and safety. Its award-winning, intuitive design enables users to perform many functions such as calling a caregiver, turning off the lights and adjusting window blinds, all from one device. With the new Systevo Call Easy, caregivers can decrease the amount of time typically spent providing operating instructions and patients are able to call for help when they need it.

Constructed of antimicrobial material and designed with rounded edges, the handset is suitable for cleaning or wipe disinfection according to specifications of quality systems of care facilities. Its rugged design enables the handset to withstand typical drops and sustained patient use without breaking, leading to a longer lifecycle.

Systevo Call Easy has several compatible accessories including wall and bed mounting clips for easy and secure storage. Both basic and premium handset models are available to meet your facility’s needs.

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