Systevo Com – IP handset

Just how much Comfort is possible today directly at the point of care is shown by the new Systevo Com patient handset. The intuitively operable, ergonomic terminal device makes it easier for patients to control their surroundings. All important functions from the television and radio through telephony and nurse call up to the regulation of shutters and light in the room can be carried out from just one patient handset.

As a VoIP telephone, it is not only suitable for telephony, but at the same time enables discrete voice communication between patient and nurse. This is possible because the new Wall modulesbundle the functions and bring them together in one handset at the point of care.

In this way, Systevo Com relieves the nursing staff in their daily work as the patients do not need to call the nurses as often if they can operate the light and television themselves. Furthermore, other function keys can be programmed, for example as a Service Call key.

What's more, the Systevo Com is more than ready to cope with rugged everyday use in the hospital. Its antibacteria surface is easy to clean and meets the high requirements placed on hygiene. Easily replaceable spare parts such as the housing or connection cable take the load off Services and reduce the lifecycle costs.