Systevo Media - Greater comfort and information at the point of care

Patients are taking the decision to a continuously frequent extent not only based on the clinic's reputation but also according to the offer of Comfort. For this reason, a broad range of value-added services at the point of care becomes a real competitive advantage, from Internet access through TV at the beside to games and video on demand.

Systevo Media is the answer to these demands. It offers the possibility of solutions precisely customized to the particular clinic. The multimedia terminals are specially equipped for use in hospitals. The whole unit is easy to disinfect and clean. All entertainment, information and room control and service functions can be operated intuitively - saving unnecessary walks for the nursing staff.

With its large-sized screen, it is perfectly suitable to display multimedia contents and thereby be a television, Internet access and much more in one. As if that isn't enough. Nurse call, telephony, radio, games, video on demand and room regulator for light and shutters can also be operated from just this one terminal. So the value-added services are easy to allocate to the individual patient – and thereby billable.

In the future, even information and documentation services will be possible with it, such as explanatory information for patients, insight into the digital patient file or the recording of nursing tasks and medications.

Accordingly, the Systevo Media unites a wide range of functions at the point of care for greater comfort, more efficient Processes and additional sources of revenue for the operator.