Systevo Mobile

At Honeywell, we are advancing the mobility of nursing workflow processes with Systevo Mobile. Designed specifically for the demanding healthcare environment, Honeywell’s Systevo Mobile is making everyday patient care safer, more productive and efficient. With Systevo Mobile, nurses are empowered to spend less time on routine tasks and more time providing exceptional patient care.

Systevo Mobile connects healthcare professionals to all critical information, applications, interfaces when they need it, where they need it. It enables accurate, coordinated procedures such as vital sign parameters and medication control, eliminating inefficient work processes and reducing common errors. With simple reliable workflow steps, patient information and alarms are intelligently forwarded to the correct individual, helping to reduce alarm fatigue. Additionally, Systevo Mobile offers integration with several safety applications and systems such as patient and asset monitoring, medical supervision, fire alarm and hazard management, and enables care facilities to define individual escalation procedures.