Systevo Touch IP to support care processes

Using the touchscreen care givers are able to access relevant data as well as record care processes directly in the patient's room: at a glance care tasks and activities can be processed easily. This provides relief with routine jobs and supports the daily care processes in an appropriate manner. Care services are documented immediately after provision: the recording of vital sign data, nursing activities and other information subject to documentation are major elements at the point of care in supporting the nurses. Timely recordings of all activities avoid errors, duplicated recordings or forgetting to make important entries in the patient's health record. Of course care givers need to register registering themselves at the terminal before the patient or other data can be recorded.

Touch Room terminals are equipped with a suitable display size and allow full-duplex voice communication between care staff patients or residents, which reduces running time essentially and makes care provision even more efficient. Pending calls are acknowledged by selecting the corresponding display message where standardized VoIP/SIP-services are used for communication purposes. Touch Room Terminals are easy to clean with standardized clinical disinfection fluids and fulfill thereby modern hygienic requirements, and at the same time fast and intuitive to operate thanks to the touchscreen.

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