Systevo Touch IP

The central hub of information and data gathering right at the point of care: Systevo Touch IP is helping to streamline daily tasks and alerts, shorten response times, and enable smarter management of care communication and documentation. It represents a full IP room-terminal with an easy-to-use touchscreen display, exceptional intercom functionality and excellent audio quality. Integrated RFID and Bluetooth® technology enables workflow automation and smart connectivity of in-room equipment.

Systevo Touch IP provides a user-friendly operating interface to support the daily care processes in care facilities. Alerts, nurse calls and presence are displayed in prioritized order, allowing “one touch” speech intercom between care staff and patients to manage inhouse communication more efficiently. The built-in echo-cancellation technology ensures a full-duplex and exceptional intercom functionality which enhances querying calls of patients easily.

Nursing staff are using access via RFID cards for timely registration of care processes, helping to relieve the workload of routine tasks and supporting the daily care processes in a suitable manner. Allowing access to patient data directly in the room, identification and execution of nursing tasks/activities, as well as the documentation for the respective patient is guaranteed. Care services are registered immediately after provision to reduce errors on patient’s health records.

Systevo Touch IP integrates seamlessly into existing ICT infrastructure, according cyber security requirements, as well as in existing legacy Systevo Call Ackermann systems. It is offering added features through the IP connectivity and providing a future proof investment for a smooth migration, using ethernet or WIFI infrastructure of the care facility.

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