Systevo call Ackermann – designed as future-proof platform for integrations

With Systevo Call Ackermann, the functions of a nurse call system are seamlessly linked with additional monitoring systems and mobile communication solutions, so that customized and high-performance solutions are offered for the transmission of time-critical information. Through the intelligent integration of the individual systems, care facilities have the opportunity to improve their workflows and the coordination of the processes and thereby achieve higher productivity.

The platform essentially uses standardized IT services and ensures compatibility with existing infrastructures. Systevo Call Ackermann fulfills the requirements of Cyber Security, Software Maintenance and Service Ability: new functionalities were added and essential system functions re-engineered. Within the scope of software/firmware updates features are provided using corresponding system licenses, so that care facilities can access a wide range of services: today, tomorrow and in future.

Examples of this are the integration of forward-looking touch IP devices, clinical WIFI smartphones and state-of-the-art patient handsets, which offer opportunities for improving the employee cooperation. The simplified communication between care staff and patients or residents is realized at the push of a button", additional features, such as dynamic call forwarding, also avoid unnecessary disturbances. Future services are gradually made available with appropriate system licenses.

Third-party provider systems are connected to one another via secure IP gateways. These include the following systems, ITC infrastructures, Hospital Information System: HIS, IP-TC system (IP-PABX), Fire Allocation System: FAS), Building Management System: BMS, Messaging, Track & Trace solutions.

Systevo Touch IP – designed for smooth care workflows

Using our touchscreens, care givers can access patient data as well as record care processes directly in the patient's room. At a glance, care givers identify easily which care tasks / activities or medications are pending for the particular patient. This provides relief with routine jobs and supports the daily care processes in an appropriate manner. Care services are documented immediately after provision: the recording of vital sign data, nursing activities, medications and other information subject to documentation are major elements at the point of care in supporting the nurses. Timely recordings of all activities avoid errors, duplicated recordings or forgetting to make important entries in the patient's health record.

The 7” Full-IP Touch Room Terminals allow “one touch” full-duplex voice communication between care staff and patients, which reduces running time essentially and makes care provision even more efficient. Care givers are using RFID cards for legitimization themselves at the terminal before the patient or other data can be recorded. Therefore, it is always guaranteed that no unauthorized person have access to the recordings. Furthermore, presences can be registered precisely directly to the person and time. The devices are easy to clean with standardized clinical disinfection fluids and fulfill thereby modern hygienic requirements, and at the same time fast and intuitive to operate thanks to the touchscreen.