Systevo Care – Intelligent Care Management and Comfortable Documentation

Medical and nursing facilities are facing enormous challenges – overaging of the society, increasing dementia, gaps in coverage. With Ackermann you can implement care solutions that are fit for the future.

Optimum support for nursing staff

The touchscreen of Systevo Care makes it possible to access patient data as well as record care processes directly in the patient's room. At the same time, Systevo Care widens the range of possibilities several times over.

The nursing staff can therefore see at a glance which activities or medications are still pending for the particular patient. This provides relief with routine jobs and supports optimal care. If the appropriate care services have been provided, they are documented immediately – quickly and easily by touchscreen. 

The recording of presence, nursing duties, medications and other information subject to documentation at the point of care is a major step forward in Supporting the nurses. Timely recording avoids errors, duplicated recordings or forgetting to make important entries in the patient's file.

This solution is therefore ideal specifically with respect to Legal security and questions of liability. Furthermore, the billing of services is thereby made significantly easier to document.

Systevo Care is easy to clean and thereby hygienic, and at the same time fast and intuitive to operate thanks to the touchscreen. The nurses legitimize themselves through the RFID card at the terminal before the patient data can be recorded. Therefore, it is always guaranteed that no outside person or the patient himself can have any influence over the recordings. Furthermore, presences can be registered precisely directly to the person and time.